Coen de Koning

Hi, I’m Coen de Koning. I’m an engineer and a designer, which might give you a hint of the different worlds that I combine. Maybe that’s because I have been raised by one parent who is an engineer and one who has shelves filled with spiritual books. This engineer worked for a large international corporation for which he occasionally also had to work abroad, so of course he would take his family along, which meant that I have practically been spoon-fed an international perspective on the world.

At the moment Platipus is a very important part of my life, but in the weekends I also volunteer at an organisation where we organise workshops for personal growth. So in between working with tablets, smartphones and HoloLenses, I also get to work very closely with people. I guess that all of this means that I quickly can get a good grasp of the technical, but also the creative aspects and issues of any given project and I can connect quite easily with any client, whether they are locals from Vlaardingen or from the amazonian jungle.