Sylvia van Delft


Creating user-friendly experiences is for me the basis of what we do at Platipus and pursuing this is a great driving force for me. It’s very interesting to work with the newest technologies. Because it can really enrich or even replace the physical world for the better. And because everyday I get to see how pleasantly surprised people are about what is technologically possible nowadays. I love to see how Platipus is growing. In terms of employees, but also in professionalism. Learning from this and help making sure things keep running smoothly are big parts of what I like about this work.

And besides work… Every morning, I start the day with practicing yoga. I do this together with Theo. That way, we create a peaceful moment with just the two of us before the hectics of the day start. After that, the next thing that has to be done is taking care of my two daughters and make sure they’re on time at wherever they have to be that day. Or, what I prefer the most: just spend time with them myself, having a lot of fun together!