Theo Lagendijk

Hi, I am Theo Lagendijk. The founder and CEO of Platipus. Sylvia and I founded Platipus way back in 2008, almost a decade ago. At that start Platipus consisted just of us two. One very technical guy and one very creative girl. Two very different worlds coming together to use each others strengths to create beautiful new things. We chose “Platipus” as the name for our collaboration because of it’s meaning to us and because we liked the sound of it. The platypus made a good fit as our mascotte as the platypus embodies two worlds within its self ( the mammal traits and the reptile traits ). We at Platipus like to merge worlds, we enjoy the concept of 1 + 1 = 3. This is most obvious in our Augmented Reality projects that are merging the physical and the digital world together. By simply combining two worlds that already have a value and already are useful in their own right, we create mind blowing user experiences that help you know what you need to know when you need to know it exactly in the context where you need to know it. Right now, Sylvia and I have been working together on raising our Platipus for almost a decade and in the mean time a lot of new things have emerged both in are professional and in our private life. Sylvia and I have become the proud mom and dad of Sophie and Noèlle. And our company has grown to include my best friend Coen and our former interns Yorick and Thomas. We are still going strong and getting more and more excited about the opportunities that occur when smart and passionate people join their forces.

A little bit more about me. I have lived my entire life in the Netherlands. Born and raised around Rotterdam. For a few years I lived in Delft where I studied Computer Science at the Technical University Delft. This is where I got a proper formal training in thinking about the possibilities and impossibilities of computers. But getting our own company and family up and running has been my hardest school. After my study Sylvia and I bought a house in Vlaardingen and this is where we’ve settled for now. We now live and work in Vlaardingen and this is where our children attend elementary school. We’re very happy here and eager to see what the future will bring.