Popping colours at Label Expo 2017

Our client Avery Dennison is a worldwide leader in adhesive technologies, display graphics and packaging materials. As Avery Dennison is all about innovation it’s no wonder that they occasionally partner up with us (b-creative and Platipus) to showcase their products and services.

Last week we were happy to be part of Avery Dennison’s booth “Pioneering change” at Label Expo Europe 2017. We helped out in a part of the booth called “changing perceptions” and our task was to help communicate the story about Avery Dennisons new Clear Hotmelt Adhesive. In short the story is as follows ; in contrast to the competition Avery Dennison devised an adhesive that allows transparant labels to stay completely transparant where conventional adhesives will turn transparant labels slightly yellow under exposure to UV light.

The booth contained physical samples of the colourful labels being used on frozen food packages. And this was already a great display of the adhesive technology, but our friends from advertising agency b-creative had the brilliant idea of adding an interactive part to the booth where through a couple of interactions the visitor would learn more about the surprising properties of the Clear Hotmelt Adhesive and be rewarded with virtual pop art. The brilliant thing here is that we used the Microsoft HoloLens to produce pop art holograms. This displaying technique makes it crystal clear how vivid colours can be against a transparant background. After answering ( by airtappingand/or yelling “cheese!” ) just a few questions the booth slowly turned into a virtual museum with bright coloured popup pop art.

And for those that stuck around for the entire interactive adhesive conversation a dancing Elvis would step into the building for “a little less conversation a little more action please”!

An impression of our contribution to last weeks Label Expo Europe 2017;

Highlights from our previous projects with Avery Dennison

Here are a few gems from our collaborations with Avery Dennison so far.

Avery Dennison Augmented Reality (ADAR) 2012
Early 2012 we started our collaborations with Avery Dennison with an elegant AR application that allowed sales people to demo different label properties without physically carrying the samples around. A nice set of beautifully designed coasters combined with an iPad app unlocked a world of AR demo’s showing a wide range of label properties.

Mix and Match E-catalogue 2015

At Label Expo 2015 we invited the expo visitors to configure their own products within Avery Dennisons capabilities by selecting facestock, adhesive and liner in any order on our Mix and Match touch screen application. The participant would then find out how Avery Dennison could tailor a construction to match their needs and/or see which standard products came closest to the desired construction.

FESPA 2017

At this years FESPA Hamburg 2017 we allowed visitors to the Avery Dennison booth to design their own Audi R8 wrapping in Virtual Reality. Here’s an impression of that event.

The future

Now of course Avery Dennison is not sitting still. To be continued…

With great strength comes great responsibility

AR : A View From The TrenchesThis week we joined the Augmented World Expo in Berlin. This event is super relevant now that Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly becoming mainstream.
The Netherlands was represented by us and a couple more very impressive Dutch superheroes.
The theme was “Super powers to the people“ and the conference was filled with super heroes from all over the world.
“With great strength comes great responsibility” and this was an important theme in our keynote talk.
Platipus likes to be a facilitator in the process of teaching the youngsters ( the super heroes in development ) to be able to join in “reading” and “writing” in AR. So we shared our experiences in educating ( emancipating ) the new generation and asked for help from the AR community.