Mixed Reality Inspirational Sessions


Technological developments are incredibly fast and it can be difficult to get a grip on all that is happening. Augmented Reality, Google Glass, Pokemon Go, QR codes, Oculus, Hololens etc. How do they relate to each other, what is new and what is outdated already?

We’re on it
As the Augmented and Virtual Reality technical specialists we are, we’ve watched the developments for years and are still fascinated to see how fast both worlds are expanding. We always like to inform people about these Mixed Reality developments with our big library of examples/demos, and a wide selection of other inspiring developers. We also have some of the latest devices which not only show, but let you feel the virtual world in the form of (educational) games.

Get a grip
If you are interested to hear, see and (/ or) to feel what VR and AR exactly is, we would like to clarify it all with inspirational sessions, demonstrations and a lecture in which we place the technological developments in context, tell about the history, where the technology is at this moment and which way it’s going in the future. We have many examples that you and your colleagues, friends or family can offer and experience it yourself.

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