Nissan AR

Next to the latest e-learnings developed for Nissan we’ve developed an Augmented Reality app that projects information on different sections of different new Nissan models.

The Nissan mechanics are trained to service new Nissan models with this Augmented Reality app. The app shows different new elements on the different locations on the cars. The information about the different elements can be called up by tapping the different bullets that are placed on the car in the corresponding locations. The information is divided over different sections of the car like the front, side and rear, the dashboard, the engine and depending on the model also on additional section.











Apart from the Augmented Reality on the cars we have incorporated a 3D model with all the information of all the different car models that can be projected on an a marker image as backup. A very strong example of the added value of Augmented Reality.

3D Edge based tracking (or CAD) tracking in action. Based on a 3D countour drawing of the electric engine we can very rapidly recognize it in camera images and enhance it with extra information in Augmented Reality. Our Nissan AR app runs on Android and iOS smart devices but we can build similar apps for smartglasses.

With this latest e-learning developed for Nissan we’ve included a number of 3D models in Augmented Reality. In the past the working of Nissan’s mechanics were explained with 2D schemes on paper. This is a very convincing example of the added value of Augmented Reality.