What is Augmented Reality (AR)


A layer of fun on top of reality
With the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, you add a layer of digital data on top of reality. This enables you to show information in it’s context.
For example, this context can be your business card, a flyer or any other printed material. It can be any 3D shape, like a car or the inside of your office. Or maybe the information you want to share depends on the GPS coordinates of where that person from your target group is located.

There are no limits to the forms in which the layer of information can be presented: Video’s, games, e-learnings and the many other playful and interactive ways there are to tell your story.
This makes AR a lot of fun and opens endless opportunities of engaging your clients in your activities and products.

The technology behind the fun

Platipus develops apps that use AR technology. Devices that can be used to unlock information through these apps are -for example- smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.  We do this in collaboration with various partners who take on the graphic design or, for example, the development of 3D models.