More aware and more intelligent AR

Yesterday Theo was one of the speakers at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) Europe 2017 in Munich. Theo spoke about Platipus’ vision on the shifting role of the Augmented Reality (AR) developer. The developer is no longer a hacker that has to prove that AR can work. The time of AR evangelism is over. AR is proven magic. No more talk. Let’s move forward, add value and change the world. It’s now time for actual meaningful content.

Platipus wants to use AR to help you “know what you need to know when you need to know it”. Theo went on to explain that Platipus more recent portfolio is showing AR projects that are getting more interactive, more aware of the environment and more intelligent in responding to it. Technically this is realised by using more and more sensor input and using Artificial Intelligence to process that.

The AWE Europe 2017 is an annual conference and Expo. This year’s speakers are for example Google, Coca Cola company, Bosch and of course Platipus! The latest insights and technologies in the field of AR are discussed and experienced by developers, creators, top level executives, entrepreneurs, press and investors.