Flood system AR

A little while ago we published another classic example of an Augmented Reality project. Together with HIA3D we have developed an app presenting an animated 3D model that helps to explain the complex workings of the systems that the client sells. This app was developed especially for demonstration purposes on trade fairs and expos.

AR visualization
This AR visualization is designed to present the working of a number of different systems that Aggeres has developed. Rather than having to explain the different systems or simply showing a video, with our app Aggeres can present this Agmented Reality visualization to its potential customers so that they can experience it as an animated model on a table-top scale. They can take their own IOS or Android smartphone or tablet and see the different systems in overview, turn it around and/or take a closer look as the different systems are activated and protect different parts of the model against flooding.

Note that we have taken the 3D visualization to the next level with the Unity 3D game engine to optimise the 3D rendering performance on mobile platforms. The game industry has been tackling some problems that are shared with the world of Augmented Reality. Just like Augmented Reality software, game engines also deal with issues like real time rendering, constantly changing perspectives and handling real time input on mobile platforms.

Just another example of how we are continually developing Augmented Reality projects.


When you download this app, use the following marker image to project the augmentation on:

Aggeres Marker

Play Store:
Aggeres in Google Android Play Store

App Store:
Flardinga 1018 in Apple iOS App Store

How to experience this app?
1. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android
2. Download & print the image/marker
3. Start the app and point towards the image marker.
4. Experience the Augmented Reality world of Aggeres.