Flardinga 1018

Experience 1018 in 2018

In the year 1018 the German emperor sent a large fleet to the far west of his empire. At the ‘Flardinga’ settlement, the imperial soldiers met the troops of Count Dirk III. Flardinga’s farmers joined Dirk III. In the battle that follows, the imperial army suffers heavy losses. The remarkable victory of Dirk III in the “Slag bij Vlaardingen” caused a lot of controversy in the empire.

Our apps “Flardinga 1018” en “Flardinga 1018 VR”  both tell the story of what went down 1000 years ago, when Godfried van Lotharingen tried to take over Flardinga.

Flardinga 1018
How do you make learning fun? Exactly, you make a game about it! That’s the reason why we started this project. We’ve build this game to make the story of how the “battle of Vlaardingen” (slag bij Vlaardingen) went down a little more entertaining. In this game you will have to work your way through 4 levels, collect money and fight. At the end we will test your knowledge through a fun game just to see if the story is clear to you.



1000 years back in time
This virtual reality (VR) experience will guide you through Vlaardingen/Flardinga as it was back in 1018. With the help of archaeologist Tim de Ridder and reconstructions of research made by VLAK (Vlaardings archaeological office), we managed to rebuild this as real as possible. The hills, the depths, everything is as close to 1000 years ago as possible.
If you want to experience this for yourself, contact us here to make an appointment!

We are very happy that the Gemeente Vlaardingen allowed us to use the beautiful illustrations of illustrator John Rabou. We gained a lot of fun and inspiration from his beautiful work. This is our first game for consumers and we welcome all feedback we can get and we intend to give several updates to our games throughout 2018. We had a lot of fun and excitement in the proces of creating these Flardinga 1018 experiences, we hope our audience in Vlaardingen is enjoying our creations.

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