Folding Fraktur

Long before Coen went to the Design Academy, he was playing around with different systems for letters. One of the types that fascinated him was the fraktur. When he got this assignment he looked for a robust system for a fraktur. A detail that had caught his eye was how the thickness of the hooks are determined by the thickness of the stems, which suggests perspective. So he tried to make the entire alphabet as of cut and folded paper.

Coen made a digital and a analogue version for the two fonts required for the assignment. For the analogue font he sadly couldn’t find a way to overcome the issues of perspective of the photographs. But this gives the analogue font a loose feel that contrasts well with the rigidity of the digital font.

And yes, ofcourse we have created a very simple and elegant augmented example that demonstrates this “Perspective is everything” principle.


How to experience this app?
1. Download the app for iOS/Apple 
2. Start the app and point towards our business card.
3. Have fun!