Augmented football stickers

In 2017, Goally 3D introduced a new layer of fun to collecting football stickers in an album; they augmented them so that the pictures with players, their coaches and even the referee are brought to life! Therefore, Platipus developed the Augmented Reality app Goally 3D.
The interactive sticker albums are enthusiastically received by young and old collectors. More and more football clubs will soon be hooked on this.

Support your local heroes!
At the beginning of 2017, supermarket Jumbo Blankestijn in Oudewater (Utrecht) was the first to publish a collection album in which you can collect Augmented cards of the football players of -in this case- the local football club FC Oudewater.  Customers could collect the cards at the store and with the Goally 3D app let the players dance, play Augmented soccer games with them and score some prizes.

In september of the same year, the new football season was kicked off by Albert Heijn Beugelsdijk, which offered the collectable Augmented football cards of the football club the Hazerswoudse Boys.

New updates are expected soon.



How to experience this app?
1. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android
2. Download the images/markers;
3. Start the app and point towards the image markers.

It was a pleasure to develop this app in commission of New Mediair, in a close cooperation with HIA3D.