Building the contours of tomorrow

Construction-services company Heijmans knows the best way of making their plans and designs insightful: With help of Augmented Reality of course!
For the tendering procedure of the House of Eemnes (Huis van Eemnes), a new building to be completed in 2019 in the municipality of Eemnes, the company published the Heijmans AR app as a supportive tool for their proposal.

The House of Eemnes has to become the central meeting place of the village of Eemnes. In this new and sustainable accommodation, The people of Eemnes will be coming together for (indoor) sports, culture, education, information, advice, care and well-being. A cozy place where you can also have a nice cup of coffee.

The municipality of Eemnes asked competitors to come up with a proposal on the basis of a structural design and a Program of Requirements, both drawn up by the municipality.

Heijmans has presented its implementation of this design and program in a visually attractive way: With the use of Augmented Reality one can look at their vision of the building from all sides.


In this way, Heijmans’ choices in terms of sustainability – an important requirement for the implementation- are also clearly identified.
Using color codes and a legend, it is clear at a glance where in the building what activities can take place.

The Heijmans AR app (and the reference image) are free to download for everyone.
By opening the app and scanning the reference image with your smartphone or tablet, the 3D design of the House of Eemnes appears. Through your device, you can now view it from all sides by turning the reference image.
Make sure you read all the labels attached to the building, which contain sustainability information. Don’t forget to check out the whereabouts of every function in the building.


How to experience this app?
1. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android
2. Download & print the image/marker
3. Start the app and point towards the image marker.
4. Experience the Augmented Reality world of Heijmans.

This app was created in partnership with HIA3D.