Imagination becomes reality with TekenaAR

Augmented Reality creates so many new options in terms of playfullness.

With AR you’re able to accomplish things that used to be only possible with your imagination. Imagination is very valuable, but wouldn’t it be nice if your ideas could become real?

An example of this is what you can do with an app such as tekenaAR (perhaps best translated as: ARtist):
A colouring plate was only a 2D, inanimate object, with a pinch of technological magic this artwork comes to life! Your drawing can now be viewed in 3D, from all sides.

What you can use your imagination for now is to think about in how many ways you could use this AR tool to your benefit.

Download the app, print one of our coloring pages and try it yourself!

How to experience this app?

1. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android
2. Download and print the empty coloring page;
3. Make a beautiful painting!
4. Start the app and point towards the image markers.