Museum Vlaardingen


In a spontaneous cooperation with Oorthuis Fotografie we have developed an app called “Museum VLD”. This Virtual Reality app gives you a look in the 17 not-yet-finished rooms of the museum, just to let you see how the uncovered walls looked like before Houdijk Architecten finished the job. Ofcourse, it’s more fun to walk through the finished museum physically, than taking a look around through our app. But we are happy that we could be a part of the history of Museum Vlaardingen and share it with the entire world!


In the video below we show you a preview of the things you can see inside of the “Museum VLD” app. In our app, we deliberately show you the empty hallways and walls, just so you can admire the architecture of the building (which is finished by now). You move yourself around by clicking on the names of the different rooms.

Take a look around in the;
1. Museum shop
2. Auditorium
3. Heritage lab
4. Temporary exhibition space
5. 1st floor new building
6. 1st floor Warehouse
7. 1st floor construction/mini theater
8. Attic Warehouse
9. 2nd floor new building
10. 2nd floor newly built ‘Havenkade’
11. Floor old building
12. Knowledge & Information Centre
13. Green Salon
14. Central hall old building ‘Kanohal’
15. Beautiful room
Bonus rooms;
16. ‘Museumkade’
17.  Market Vlaardingen



In a radio interview with Omroep Vlaardingen, Theo explained the details of the app and gave them a preview of what it’s all about, as you can see below (with the Apson Moverio BT-200 virtual reality glasses).








You can listen to the entire broadcast right here!




How to get it

Of course “Museum VLD” is available in App Store;

What you get

Release highlights

Added 360 experiences for all rooms in the new Museum Vlaardingen building.

Added the Markt Vlaardingen ( as it was around 1700 ) as an extra 360 experience.

Added the arrival of 2015’s first herring event as an extra 360 experience.