PwC Touchscreen

In the summer of 2015, the top managers of the Dutch branch of Price Waterhouse Coopers visited beautiful Vlieland to participate in a summer school. They discussed plans and strategies for the future, as well as the cultural movement Moments that Matter, which was initiated by PwC that year.

To present the subjects in a creative way, we have developed a tool for PwC where they can present their teaching material on a touchscreen. This way the subjects can be presented in a non-linear way on a huge touch screen.

Accounting and tax advisor companies such as PwC work a lot with numbers, tables and graphs. Subject matter that is generally not suitable for lively teaching material. We are pleased that PwC choose us ( Artishock ) to make their summerschool a lot more engaging.

After the summer school, the touch screen made a tour through the Netherlands so the interactive presentation could be enjoyed at all PwC locations.