Real Estate Marketing

AR for Real Estate Marketing: Realistic, vivid and complete

Platipus Augmented Reality(AR) products for Real Estate Marketing supports managing sales for your property business. It’s the perfect tool for effectively showing (prospective) clients what isn’t there (yet): Their dream property.

An uninhabited place comes to life, a land lot is decorated with homes and pourly maintained buildings are back in their former glory.
By offering a realistic, vivid and complete picture of your offerings you’ll get your customer more exited and enable them to make a well informed decision for a big step in their life.

Zuyt Bruyn from Platipus Software Inside on Vimeo.

Zuiyt Bruyn is a small scale housing complex with a number of freestanding houses just outside the village center of Poeldijk, near the recreational area of Madestein, the beach, sports centre ‘De Uithof’ and the city Den Haag.
The first house has already been built but there are still plots available. The plots are for sale but also available for rent under the so called ‘erfpacht’. This allows you to live in a detached house at the waterfront, in a small and friendly residential area for the price of a standard single family house.
In this AR representation you can have a look at the residential area as it may one day be.

Augmented Reality App by Platipus Software Inside
3D by Zwartlicht
Commissioned by Bureau Enthoven and ABC Westland