SSV Kadaster info applicatie

For a long time we have nurtured the idea to allow people to digitally navigate between all the unique houses and buildings of the Hoogstraat, in Vlaardingen. We hope this might attract more life to what used to be the main artery of the town. The building of a modern shopping mall drew much of the attention away from this street filled with historical buildings. We see more vacancy now and many facades have deteriorated.

To counter this development the foundation ‘Stichting Stadsherstel Vlaardingen’ was founded. This foundation gave us the opportunity to develop the digital navigation of the Hoogstraat as a

part of their website. For the foundation this is a chance to present the results of their efforts by showing before and after images of renovations that they have supported.



Artist Christoph Aussems made beautiful aquarel paintings of al the facades along the Hoogstraat. We have used these artworks as a basis for the close-up navigation through the Hoogstraat (‘streetview’).