Behind the scenes of Stedin

This Stedin Augmented Reality (AR) app is a great example of how to bring a low-interest product like electric power to the spot in an interesting way.
The app is intended to inform residents of the neighborhoods where transmission system operator Stedin serves. Or, for example, to help recruit engineers at study and career choice events.



The AR experience  -an app available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets- shows what happens behind the scenes of Stedin’s electricity network. In the app you can view a demo in a transformer house or take an educational tour. With this tour you can see in which areas Stedin is active, and what happens in case of a power failure and how to fix it.


How to experience this app?
1. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android
2. Download the image/marker here
3. Start the app and point towards the image marker.
4. Experience the Augmented Reality world of Stedin.