Technasium AR lessons

The Technasium is a formula for beta education at HAVO and VWO, which has been around since 2004. Centrally within the Technasium is the Research & Design (Onderzoek & Ontwerpen) course, where students in a team work on a real world beta assignment. This prepares the students to be familiar with various sectors, professions, subjects and issues in beta technology, so they become well-equipped for a well-considered career choice.


In each first semester we assign the students of VWO 4 to come up with their own innovative augmented reality ideas. First, we give them a demonstration at the Technasium in Schiedam to inform them about the revolution of AR and VR. The week after they’ll come to visit the Platipus headquarters for some cool demo’s that will inspire them. After that, they’ll begin the assignment. The outcomes very greatly ; an app that helps you loading your luggage in the trunk of your car, predicting the weather with fun animations, previewing a to-be-build house and even show you how to repair your bicycle tire on and 3D printed bike frame.