URBS Augment Reality Management Systeem


Platipus developed URBS, a Content Management System (CMS) for Augmented Reality. We used the Augmented Reality (AR)-browser Layar to show the user interesting places and activities in his or her area. With the help of URBS you can present your organisation or project in AR and it will give you precise control of this presentation.

This Content Management System gives you access to and control of the full extent of your Layar platform. It gives you detailed user statistics, can be connected to your database and allows the addition of walking routes and tours.

URBS application: Touristic application
A number of local tourist information centres, VVV’s, have used our product. We connected their database of tourist information with the Layar platform allowing users to see in the space around them all the different attractions with relevant information. This information is shown tot the user in the direction of the attraction, relative to the user. This gives the user a strongly immersive and intuitive experience. The information shown can be filtered by showing only attractions within a given distance, only of a specific subject or with a specific tag word (for instance ‘shoe store’ or ‘museum’ would only show shoe stores or museums). Using URBS the tourist information centres could manage all the points of interest and define and manage different walking routes.