Watskebuurt housing association app

Hack the future of housing associations

That’s what Platipus was asked to do in 24 hours at the Zig Hackathon 2017.

With the use of IBM Watson technology, AI platform for business, Theo and Coen developed Watskebuurt? This is a tool that allows tenants to address problems in their neighborhood with the help of image and/or speech recognition on their smartphone.

Zig Websoftware offers digital solutions for housing associations. Woonnet Haaglandende Alliantie and Rochdale, three of their clients, were present to put some of their issues on the table to work with. They were interested to see how technology would help to bring associations closer to their tenants, detect problems beforehand and and reduce time-costly waste.


Hackathons are always fun to join and this one was also a great opportunity for us get more experienced with Watson technology and to think along with housing associations.
Although not the top prize, by winning the IBM Watson prize we received IBM’s recognition for our skillful application of the Watson API’s;

  • Visual Recognition
  • Speech To Text
  • Text To Speech

We learned a lot from IBM’s support team. We’re very impressed and eager to work more with IBM’s Artificial Intelligence APIs for our business clients.