Behind the scenes of Stedin

This Stedin Augmented Reality (AR) app is a great example of how to bring a low-interest product like electric power to the spot in an interesting way.
The app is intended to inform residents of the neighborhoods where transmission system operator Stedin serves. Or, for example, to help recruit engineers at study and career choice events.



The AR experience  -an app available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets- shows what happens behind the scenes of Stedin’s electricity network. In the app you can view a demo in a transformer house or take an educational tour. With this tour you can see in which areas Stedin is active, and what happens in case of a power failure and how to fix it.


How to experience this app?
1. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android
2. Download the image/marker here
3. Start the app and point towards the image marker.
4. Experience the Augmented Reality world of Stedin.





Aegir Marine – Hololens project

Platipus has been working for the technical realization of a project for Aegir Marine with AR being used to support marine engineers in their work. It’s an innovative project because we’ve been working on some beautiful visualizations in which mechanics can look across engine parts and using real-time sensor data to see what’s happening in the engine parts. The sensor data is visualized information about rotational speeds, temperatures, expansions and vibrations.

For this product we used the Microsoft Hololens. This is a Augmented Reality headset that, in stead of being in another world in Virtual Reality, let you augment the real world around you. As a HoloLens wearer, you’ll still see the real world in front of you. You can walk around and talk to others without worrying about bumping into walls. This way, we could show the mechanics what’s going on inside one of their thrusters.



Let us explain the project in short; We’ve placed several sensors in a trusther ( CT-175 ). In the first picture below you see the data of our temperature sensors and RPM sensors visualised. We’ve build a computer application that collects the data from those sensors and stores it in a database. In parallel we’ve implemented a HoloLens application that takes the data from our database and projects it holographically onto the parts that it’s measuring from. The marine engineer is now possessing the super power of seeing inside this gearbox and seeing the precise speeds and temperatures in there. How cool and practical is that?!

At the unveiling of the first phase of our project, dutch astronaut André Kuipers tested our app and stayed in his HoloLens for 15 minutes completely mesmerised by the magical thing that we’ve created. Platipus received great compliments from the astronaut who recognized the future of technical maintenance in this production.

Watskebuurt housing association app

Hack the future of housing associations

That’s what Platipus was asked to do in 24 hours at the Zig Hackathon 2017.

With the use of IBM Watson technology, AI platform for business, Theo and Coen developed Watskebuurt? This is a tool that allows tenants to address problems in their neighborhood with the help of image and/or speech recognition on their smartphone.

Zig Websoftware offers digital solutions for housing associations. Woonnet Haaglandende Alliantie and Rochdale, three of their clients, were present to put some of their issues on the table to work with. They were interested to see how technology would help to bring associations closer to their tenants, detect problems beforehand and and reduce time-costly waste.


Hackathons are always fun to join and this one was also a great opportunity for us get more experienced with Watson technology and to think along with housing associations.
Although not the top prize, by winning the IBM Watson prize we received IBM’s recognition for our skillful application of the Watson API’s;

  • Visual Recognition
  • Speech To Text
  • Text To Speech

We learned a lot from IBM’s support team. We’re very impressed and eager to work more with IBM’s Artificial Intelligence APIs for our business clients.


Augmented football stickers

In 2017, Goally 3D introduced a new layer of fun to collecting football stickers in an album; they augmented them so that the pictures with players, their coaches and even the referee are brought to life! Therefore, Platipus developed the Augmented Reality app Goally 3D.
The interactive sticker albums are enthusiastically received by young and old collectors. More and more football clubs will soon be hooked on this.

Support your local heroes!
At the beginning of 2017, supermarket Jumbo Blankestijn in Oudewater (Utrecht) was the first to publish a collection album in which you can collect Augmented cards of the football players of -in this case- the local football club FC Oudewater.  Customers could collect the cards at the store and with the Goally 3D app let the players dance, play Augmented soccer games with them and score some prizes.

In september of the same year, the new football season was kicked off by Albert Heijn Beugelsdijk, which offered the collectable Augmented football cards of the football club the Hazerswoudse Boys.

New updates are expected soon.



How to experience this app?
1. Download the app for iOS/Apple or Android
2. Download the images/markers;
3. Start the app and point towards the image markers.

It was a pleasure to develop this app in commission of New Mediair, in a close cooperation with HIA3D.