Augmented Reality

Learning in the 21st century

Last Monday there was an inspiring meeting of elementary schools in the Big Church of Schiedam ( The Netherlands ) called the “SIKO dag”. The theme of the day ; ‘Learning in the 21st century’.

At the invitation of Technasium Spieringshoek, we from Platipus were also present to show the primary school teachers the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the classroom. We brought the Microsoft HoloLens with it’s Holo Anatomy demo because it’s such an awesome demo of the potential of AR in education. The participants followed an anatomy lesson using a life-sized body projected as a hologram on the church floor. Through hand gestures and voice commands they could walk through the different stages of this lesson at their own pace while walking around the hologram to investigate it from all sides.

Together with Technasium Spieringshoek, we have been giving AR lessons at the high schools elective course called “Onderzoek & Ontwerpen” ( which roughly translates to Research & Development ) for a number of years now. The course is about identifying opportunities for AR and prototyping applications and our ambition is to train a new generation to become proficient in reading and writing in this new mass medium.

Together with the primary school ‘t Palet in Vlaardingen, we have already undertaken several Virtual Reality projects. For example a drawing lesson was given in 3D space.

Together with Nissan Europe we’ve trained technicians with AR in the Nissan Academy.

Together with Artishock we’ve used AR to train AEGIR marine technicians. But what’s more we also create the tools to use the AR as a time saver at the actual job of the marine engineer.

All these project have been clear successes in terms of fun, student involvement and in the case of the Nissan Academy and the AEGIR marine example also in terms of cost savings.

We are proud to see that schools in our region clearly keep an eye on the rise of AR as an education medium and are not afraid to embrace it.

Honey, I Shrunk Sophie

Theo shrunk his daughter Sophie so she can now perform soccer tricks on his desk.

No just kidding, Theo only duplicated Sophie and put the new one on his desk. It’s smaller and talks less, but her backflips are better.

All joking aside, isn’t the above video just awesome?!

Sophie plays soccer at DVO’32. And as a little tribute to her club Platipus created this fun little app. With the help from the 3DMij scanner Theo placed a virtual copy of Sophie in Augmented Reality. This duplicate of Sophie now lives inside our app ( iOS & Android ) and attaches a copy of Sophie to each DVO’32 logo that comes in to the view of the camera.

Sophie in 3Dmij scanner

By 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality

“By 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality” according to Gartner’s research. We listen to Gartner to get smarter because we’ve learned that they’re often right in their predictions of the future. Wednesday last week they published a great article named “a Virtual world of Exponential change” and I would recommend that you read it.

We at Platipus are disrupting the world by augmenting everything. When we recently went shopping for new office chairs we were very happy to discover that the website from Sedus exposed the FBX files of their chairs in their online configurator. We took the liberty of creating a Sedus shopping application for the HoloLens and used it to try out the Sedus office chairs in Augmented Reality;

Viewing the chairs at their real life size inside their future environment helped us decide which ones we liked best. Thanks to our friends from Hoogerwerf for Office, we have now manifested them into physical reality.

We’ve seen the future of shopping and it’s awesome!

If you want to reach that first 100 million shoppers by 2020 drop us a line.